November 2014

No Magic
November 28, 2014 · New Papers

Microwave Effects in Organic Synthesis: Myth or Reality? Microwave effects are just efficient heating, and nothing else. No magic, no voodoo….

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Review of the month: Magic Methyl
November 24, 2014 · Top Reviews

Hmmm, ok, this is not exactly the review of the month. It is more like the review of this month but…

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GalChimia will be in Belgium for a 3 days Business Trip and the MedChem 2014 day
November 19, 2014 · Made in GalChimia

GalChimia will be in Belgium 3 days next week and will attend MedChem 2014, this year the conference is about “New…

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Going from N to C
November 19, 2014 · New Papers

Inverse Peptide Synthesis via Activated a-Aminoesters In fact the synthesis of peptides is not our thing. We do not have expertise…

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GalChimia has recently obtained the accreditation for Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR)
November 12, 2014 · Made in GalChimia

Considered nowadays as the best tax incentive system for research in Europe, the CIR is a tax tool, that works as…

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