December 2014

Are cars becoming more innovative than drugs?
December 12, 2014 · Editorial

For the first time in 10 years there is no pharmaceutical company among the three biggest R&D spenders! According to the…

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Methylation Made Simpler
December 9, 2014 · New Papers

C–H Methylation of Heteroarenes Inspired by Radical SAM Methyl Transferase A commercial reagent that you can use to introduce methyl groups…

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GalChimia will be in Basel
December 4, 2014 · Made in GalChimia

GalChimia will be in Basel Area for 4 days in December To arrange a meeting during our instance, please contact Ms. Julie…

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Forced Activation
December 3, 2014 · New Papers

Overcoming the limitations of directed C–H functionalizations of heterocycles C-H activation on heterocycles, avoiding the activation of the C-H adjacent to…

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