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nanofacturing results
Results of the Nanofacturing project
April 16, 2019 · Made in GalChimia, R&D

GalChimia thanks all the partners of the Nanofacturing project for the involvement and teamwork that have been key to obtaining the results.

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Figures 2018
…And here we are, one more year. Figures, figures, figures!
March 25, 2019 · Made in GalChimia

As usual, the figures for started and completed projects are not very significant, but they are a 10% higher than in 2017, because 2018 was indeed one of the busiest years in GalChimia’s history.

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Formación continua en formato ChemClasses
March 13, 2019 · Made in GalChimia

El proyecto ChemClasses es un programa formativo compuesto por píldoras semanales sobre química enfocado a las necesidades reales del equipo GalChimia.

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Axuda Galicia Exporta
GalChimia recibiu a Axuda Galicia Exporta Empresas 2018
February 27, 2019 · Made in GalChimia

GalChimia recibiu a Axuda Galicia Exporta empresas 2018 para apoiar a implementación do seu Plan de Internacionalización.

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GalChimia, Oncostellae y AMSlab presentan el proyecto IO4COLON
February 25, 2019 · R&D

IO4COLON es una iniciativa de investigación liderada por GalChimia, Oncostellae y AMSlab para el descubrimiento de nuevos fármacos contra el cáncer de colon

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día de la mujer y la niña en la ciencia
GalChimia participa en el Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia
February 15, 2019 · Made in GalChimia

El pasado 11 de febrero se celebró el Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia, que nos da la oportunidad de visibilizar el importante trabajo que las mujeres realizan en el ámbito científico.

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GalChimia is happy to be part of a collaborative effort to boost EU Synthetic Biology competitiveness
January 17, 2019 · R&D

An 8 million Euros grant was attributed by the EU to the ShikiFactory100 project, an international effort coordinated by biotech SME SilicoLife, in cooperation with some of the most relevant players in Europe, covering leading research institutions, SMEs and a large industrial company.

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Resultados del proyecto Mytitox
July 2, 2018 · Made in GalChimia, R&D

During the project, the synthesis of a COF (Covalent Organic Framework), capable of being used to capture toxins in the marine environment to predict toxic episodes, has been scaled.

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Resultados del proyecto NEOGALFARM
July 2, 2018 · Made in GalChimia, R&D

Ya están publicados los resultados del Proyecto NEOGALFARM, centrado en la búsqueda de nuevos fármacos para el tratamiento contra el cáncer mediante el desarrollo de terapias dirigidas a diferentes dianas terapéuticas y de tratamientos combinados. ¡Consúltalos aquí!

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RICT 2018
GalChimia will be at the RICT 2018!
June 19, 2018 · Made in GalChimia

GalChimia will have the pleasure to introduce its works related with nanotechnology with the presentation of the poster: “Design and Synthesis of Linkers for Glycan-Coated Gold Nanoparticles Used in Drug Discovery” at the RICT 2018. Come and visit us at booth 12!

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