How to crash your own presentation: 10 techniques and other small tricks
How to crash your own presentation
marzo 1, 2018 · Editorial

Would you crash your own presentation? We give you 10 techniques and other small tricks to follow to make an attractive presentation.

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Pharma vs. Agro
junio 3, 2016 · Editorial

GalChimia customers come from several industries, but the majority can be classified into two categories: agrochemical and pharmaceutical. What are the…

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2015 in Numbers
enero 21, 2016 · Editorial

Following our long standing tradition, we present here our figures about projects and products of 2015. Compiling this info takes only…

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Are cancer Immunotherapy and small molecules compatible?
agosto 20, 2015 · Editorial

Our immune system does a remarkable job of defending us against diseases. We can also consider that it has the greatest…

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