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luc marti cebiotex
Luc Marti will be sharing his challenges in drug discovery at the GalChimia Training Day
June 7, 2019

In his talk, Luc Marti will describe some of the challenges in moving forward from the discovery of an active compound to its application in pre/clinic, highlighting the importance of his pharmacology background to help him understand the relation between biology and chemistry activities.

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Antoni Torrens Esteve
Antoni Torrens of Esteve Pharmaceuticals will join the GalChimia Training Day
June 6, 2019

Antoni Torrens studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Barcelona and obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1990. He is currently Responsible of External Collaborations and Strategic Alliances at Esteve Pharmaceuticals.

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Julie Masse GalChimia
Who are you going to meet at the GalChimia Training Day?
June 5, 2019

Julie Masse will be your moderator at the conference “Challenges in drug discovery”. If you want to learn and understand the problems you may face when developing a new drug or hear about creative approaches, this is your day.

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GalChimia Day
1st GalChimia day: Challenges in drug discovery 2019
May 29, 2019

GalChimia day is an event about people, a moment were we could all learn about what challenges scientists have gone through, in the hope of helping fellow scientists to move faster with their research programs.

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GalChimia Team
Advances in the development of antileishmanial treatments
May 28, 2019

Our team in Madrid was involved in the development of antileishmanial compounds. This research was made in collaboration with GSK and Dundee University.

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Día Internacional de los Recursos Humanos
May 20, 2019

Desde GalChimia, nos sumamos a la celebración de este día para dar visibilidad a una función que ha sido y sigue siendo un elemento clave en nuestra gestión.

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nanofacturing results
Results of the Nanofacturing project
April 16, 2019

GalChimia thanks all the partners of the Nanofacturing project for the involvement and teamwork that have been key to obtaining the results.

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Formación continua en formato ChemClasses
March 13, 2019

El proyecto ChemClasses es un programa formativo compuesto por píldoras semanales sobre química enfocado a las necesidades reales del equipo GalChimia.

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Axuda Galicia Exporta
GalChimia recibiu a Axuda Galicia Exporta Empresas 2018
February 27, 2019

GalChimia recibiu a Axuda Galicia Exporta empresas 2018 para apoiar a implementación do seu Plan de Internacionalización.

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día de la mujer y la niña en la ciencia
GalChimia participa en el Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia
February 15, 2019

El pasado 11 de febrero se celebró el Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia, que nos da la oportunidad de visibilizar el importante trabajo que las mujeres realizan en el ámbito científico.

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