Nucleophilic Substitution

mitsunobo reaction
Catalytic Mitsunobu: The face-lift of a workhorse
octubre 21, 2019

This work tackles, once again, one of the most used methods to carry out the nucleophilic substitution of alcohols in one step, the Mitsunobu reaction.

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Working on the Edge
mayo 19, 2015

Metal-Free, Regio- and Stereoselective Synthesis of Linear (E)?Allylic Compounds Using C, N, O, and S Nucleophiles Using terminal alkenes to prepare…

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Incredible but True
enero 1, 2011

Transition-Metal-Free O-, S-, and N-Arylation of Alcohols, Thiols, Amides, Amines, and Related Heterocycles Introduction of nucleophiles using superbase. Looks like an…

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