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Resultados BIOGREEN
Resultados del proyecto BIOGREEN
Febreiro 4, 2020

GalChimia agradece a todos los integrantes y colaboradores del Proyecto BIOGREEN su implicación y trabajo, que han sido claves para la obtención de los resultados.

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2019 in Numbers
Xaneiro 28, 2020

One more year of great productivity for GalChimia! Click here to see the achievements of our teams of chemists.

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GalChimia Emotions: Inspiration
Decembro 12, 2019

GalChimia became a reality thanks to the inspiration of our four co-founders. Keep reading and discover all the emotions that define us!

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chemical elements
Chemical elements and stardust
Novembro 28, 2019

It’s time to talk about the chemical elements that fill the periodic table. Have you ever wondered why we have so many (or so few) elements? Keep reading!

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Rule of Five
Twenty years of the Rule of Five
Novembro 13, 2019

The Rule of Five has had a remarkable effect on drug discovery strategies; twenty years on, the history of this set of rules can be described as both influential and controversial.

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A Nobel medal for lithium
Outubro 31, 2019

The Chemistry Nobel Prize has been awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino for the development of lithium-ion batteries.

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chemistry and emotions
GalChimia’s Annual Get-Together, a day full of chemistry and emotions
Outubro 16, 2019

The best way to sum up the 2019 GalChimia get-together is throughout the emotions generated in all of us.

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Avances del proyecto IO4COLON
Outubro 15, 2019

El pasado viernes (11 de octubre 2019) se celebró la jornada de seguimiento del proyecto IO4COLON para el descubrimiento de productos terapéuticos novedosos contra el cáncer de colon.

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Jornada de seguimiento del proyecto IO4COLON
Outubro 3, 2019

GalChimia se complace en invitaros a la jornada de seguimiento del proyecto IO4COLON

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A European market for biostimulants
Outubro 1, 2019

The European Union becomes the first governing body in the world to recognize plant biostimulants as a distinct category of agricultural inputs.

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