Nuestro CSO Jacobo Cruces participa en el XXIX Simposio del GE3C
Xaneiro 19, 2021

Jacobo Cruces hablará sobre el desarrollo de fármacos y como la cristalografía ayuda a los químicos a diseñar nuevas y mejores moléculas.

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efmc ismc galchimia
GalChimia participates in the EFMC-ISMC Virtual Event 2020
Setembro 1, 2020

The event includes also a Virtual Exhibition, where you will be able to learn about GalChimia’s passion for chemistry and arrange a meeting with us via Zoom.

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Jornada de seguimiento del proyecto IO4COLON
Outubro 3, 2019

GalChimia se complace en invitaros a la jornada de seguimiento del proyecto IO4COLON

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GalChimia will be at the EFMC – ASMC ’19
Agosto 28, 2019

This symposium will bring together chemists from industry, academia and start-up companies from around the world.

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International symposium
GalChimia will be at 26th International symposium: Synthesis in organic chemistry
Xullo 11, 2019

The Synthesis in Organic Chemistry conference is a flagship event for the international organic chemistry community. This year many sessions reflect the global tendency of chemistry getting closer to biology.

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RICT 2019
GalChimia will be at RICT 2019 in Nantes
Xullo 1, 2019

The French Medicinal Chemistry Society organizes the 55th edition of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT 2019).

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drug discovery summit
GalChimia will be at the 20th Annual Drug Discovery Summit
Xuño 11, 2019

The 20th Annual Drug Discovery Summit will take place in Berlin from June 11-12, 2019. Come visit us at Booth 10!

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RICT 2018
GalChimia will be at the RICT 2018!
Xuño 19, 2018

GalChimia will have the pleasure to introduce its works related with nanotechnology with the presentation of the poster: “Design and Synthesis of Linkers for Glycan-Coated Gold Nanoparticles Used in Drug Discovery” at the RICT 2018. Come and visit us at booth 12!

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GalChimia will attend RICT 2017 in Toulouse
GalChimia will attend RICT 2017 in Toulouse
Xuño 28, 2017

Jacobo Cruces, Co-founder and CSO of GalChimia, and Santiago Pérez, Project Manager, will will attend RICT 2017 in Toulouse. To arrange a meeting contact or visit our Booth #23.

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