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International symposium
GalChimia will be at 26th International symposium: Synthesis in organic chemistry
Xullo 11, 2019

The Synthesis in Organic Chemistry conference is a flagship event for the international organic chemistry community. This year many sessions reflect the global tendency of chemistry getting closer to biology.

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RICT 2019
GalChimia will be at RICT 2019 in Nantes
Xullo 1, 2019

The French Medicinal Chemistry Society organizes the 55th edition of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT 2019).

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GalChimia Day
GalChimia doubles the capacity of its R&D&I center at the Barcelona Science Park
Xuño 19, 2019

Coinciding with the inauguration of its new laboratories, the company celebrated the first “GalChimia Day”.

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Carme Pampin GalChimia
GalChimia’s CEO will close the first edition of the GalChimia Day
Xuño 17, 2019

Carme Pampín will be giving some closing remarks on this first edition of the GalChimia Day.

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Jose Maria Palacios Fronterra
“Pharmaceutical R&D now, from the lab to the market” by Jose Maria Palacios
Xuño 14, 2019

Jose María Palacios will present the evolution of the current pharmaceutical market, the challenges for technological transfer, and the relationship between big pharma, emerging companies and academia.

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Richard Roberts Kaertor
”A pioneer research incubator for early drug discovery” by Richard Roberts
Xuño 12, 2019

Richard Roberts will present the business model of the Kærtor Foundation, an answer to the existing gap in R&D funding in Spain.

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Guido Kurz Oncostellae
Guido Kurz of Oncostellae will assist to GalChimia Training Day
Xuño 12, 2019

Guido Kurz will present the approach Oncostellae has taken for the development of one of their oncology projects. In particular, he will describe a strategy for organ targeting.

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drug discovery summit
GalChimia will be at the 20th Annual Drug Discovery Summit
Xuño 11, 2019

The 20th Annual Drug Discovery Summit will take place in Berlin from June 11-12, 2019. Come visit us at Booth 10!

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Enrique Fernández
“Macrocycles in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, a talk by Enrique Fernández
Xuño 11, 2019

Enrique Fernández obtained his Bachelor and Master in Chemistry at the Universidad de Salamanca, and his PhD in Organic Chemistry from…

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Jacobo Cruces GalChimia
Do not miss the presentation “Diversity in drug discovery” by Jacobo Cruces
Xuño 10, 2019

Jacobo will describe the current challenges in discovery chemistry, where compound diversity has become more important than the size of the compound library at the GalChimia Training Day.

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