Our philosophy

It is not the same with or without GalChimia

Mission, vision and values


Improving society through organic chemistry research.


Becoming an international leader in organic chemistry.

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Our commitment

1 Gender equity

There is absolutely no difference between male or female, we hire professionals for their skills.



2 Talent acquisition and retention

Spanish universities provide very good training and are well recognized worldwide.
GalChimia is determined to avoid brain-drain by giving our talented chemists a chance to stay and show their full potential.


Doctor of Philosophy


Master of Science


Professional Training

3 Environment and Sustainability

GalChimia has always cared about the environment. We make constant efforts to promote the recycling, recovery, and reuse of materials, as well as the minimization of waste generation.

For more information, you can read our Environmental Policy.

4 Education for youngsters

GalChimia has several agreements with education centers to teach chemistry to youngsters. We have invited groups of students to visit our lab and organized practical lessons to demonstrate the importance of chemistry for everybody.

We also know how difficult it is to start a professional career. We offer internships to students and job opportunities to recent graduates providing them with the training they need to become part of our team.