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IO4COLON: Industrial research for the discovery of new immunotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of colon cancer

R&D Project IO4COLON

Industrial Research to discover new immunotherapy drugs for the treatment of colon cancer

The main objective of the IO4COLON project is the discovery and preclinical development of new medicinal product candidates for the treatment of colon cancer by activating the immune system (IS), to be used in monotherapy, in combination, or with other therapeutic agents. The project is being led by the companies Oncostellae, GalChimia, and AMSLab, with the support of the University of Santiago de Compostela, LEITAT Technological Centre, and the companies Palo Biofarma, IDIFARMA, and Eurofins.

IO4COLON will study the efficacy of two new medicinal products, an ALK5 inhibitor and a GR antagonist, through various mechanisms, while also studying their synergistic effect in the treatment of colon cancer. IO4COLON also represents a considerable qualitative leap in comparison to previous projects, as the aim is to complete Preclinical Development, Pharmaceutical Development, the production of capsules for clinical trials, the preparation of the regulatory documentation, and the potential use of the results through the application for new invention patents.

This project is subsidised by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), through the CONECTA-PEME Programme, and the European Regional Development Fund within thematic objective 1, “Strengthening research, technological development and innovation“, included within the framework of the FEDER Galicia 2014–2020 operational programme, and will also be supported by the Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria [Galician Ministry for the Economy, Employment and Industry]. Total project budget: 1,095,700.00 euros.

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