Scientific explotation and dissemination

The fruits of our research

GalChimia has special internal R&D programs, where we focus our efforts on the chemical synthesis of complex and challenging compounds. This allows the company to discover many new applications for our chemistry in fields the company does not usually explore.

Posters and White Papers

Design and Synthesis of Linkers for Glycan-Coated Gold Nanoparticles Used in Drug Discovery

Pampín, B.; Codesido, E.; Masse, J.; Cruces, J.

Design and Synthesis of a Library of Chromogenic Chemical Entities for the Discovery of New Thermostable Enzymes Relevant for the Chemical Industry

Begoña Pampín Casal, Jacobo Cruces Colado, Julie Masse, María Luisa Rúa Rodríguez, María Isabel González Siso