BIOSPAIN, one of the largest biotech events in Europe, will be held in Barcelona on September 26-28.

BIOSPAIN is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by number of companies and one-to-one meetings. This year, BIOSPAIN returns to Barcelona, one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The event is taking place in Pavilion 1 at Fira de Barcelona. Some highlights from this event:

  • +800 companies
  • +1500 attendees
  • +200 exhibitors
  • +30 countries

BIOSPAIN 2023 is organized by the Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO) and is part of the European Biotech Week, a weeklong series of events taking place all over Europe to celebrate biotechnology and its applications.

Why Spain?

The science produced by the Spanish biotechnology sector is excellent and its innovation is praised internationally. Nearly 4,000 companies carried out biotechnology activities in 2021, of which 862 are biotech firms. 47% of the biotech firms working exclusively in biotechnology do so in human health, followed by those centered on food applications (42%).

If you wish to arrange a meeting, please contact our CSO Jacobo Cruces ( or place a request through the event’s partnering system.

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