The European Federation for Medicinal chemistry and Chemical biology (EFMC) and the Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section of the Croatian Chemical Society are hosting the IX EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ASMC 2023) in Zagreb, Croatia.

This symposium brings together chemists from industry and academia and is focused on the most recent advances in new synthetic methodologies, total synthesis, chemical biology, process and medicinal chemistry, and automation & AI approaches in synthesis and drug discovery. The general concept of the event is to combine medicinal and organic synthetic chemistry, in order to facilitate building international contacts within academia, industry and start-up companies from around the world.

The meeting, with talks equally selected from industry and academia, will include an opening lecture, 26 invited lectures, and 10 oral communications selected from submitted abstracts. A large poster session and commercial exhibition will complete the programme.

GalChimia’s main activity focuses on Discovery Chemistry, thus this very interesting meeting fits perfectly with our speciality: synthetic chemistry. This year, we will be part of the commercial exhibition as well as the poster session with our poster entitled: «Development of novel drug candidates for selective inhibition of Bcl-2 protein-protein interactions».

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