The objective of the GalChimia Day is to share the experience of different players of the life sciences industry, researchers coming from pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, but also from the academia and services companies. The event will take place in the Auditorio Parc Cientific de Barcelona on June 18, 2019.

With more than 17 years of experience working for this sector, we have gone through many successes and failures. It takes time to build a strong expertise and understand the role and limitations of chemistry in drug discovery. During these years we have also met and collaborated with many scientists and become better by sharing knowledge and experiences with them. GalChimia day is an event about people, a moment were we could all learn about what challenges scientists have gone through, in the hope of helping fellow scientists to move faster with their research programs.

Biologists, chemists or just someone interested in applying science to the pharmaceutical business, if you want to learn and understand the problems you may face when developing a new drug or hear about creative approaches that other people followed to overcome these difficulties, this is your day.

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