We have moved!

The long wait for our new Headquarters has come to an end. Following the expansion of our labs in Barcelona in 2018, it was finally the turn of our Headquarters in Galicia.

The construction of a new building for our main site was a pending project since 2012, somewhat postponed in favor of our rapid expansion in Madrid and Barcelona. Nevertheless, last summer, pandemic and all, we were finally able to finish the main spaces and move into our new home. This eagerness was also a matter of need, we had definitely outgrown our previous facilities!

Our priority was thus to achieve fully functional labs in the shortest time. Our amazing team moved all the lab equipment, glassware, and chemicals in two days. In less than a week, we were up and running again, at full steam, delivering projects for our customers .

We are still putting the GalChimia stamp on all the new spaces. While we add the final touches and make this our home, we wanted to give you a first glimpse of the building, what we are gaining and what we are keeping, and what it all means to us and to the improvement of our services.

So, what’s new?
  • We have moved from rented labs to a company-owned building that has been specifically built to meet the needs of our business.
  • We have doubled the workspace to accommodate the growth of the company, which has been fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
  • We have also increased the size of our Analytical Department, allowing us to acquire new equipment and expand our current portfolio of analytical services.
  • We have purposely designed the lab, storage, and office areas to streamline the research and reporting workflows.
  • We have upgraded our infrastructures to advance our digitalization plans and fully integrate all the systems in our sites.
  • We have now 3 private meeting rooms, one of them large enough to host all our team, plus a break room for more informal gatherings.
And what remains?
  • Our team of dedicated chemists led by our highly experienced project managers, and of course their passion for chemistry!
  • Our commitment to provide the best service to our clients, now further strengthened by the investment in these new facilities.
  • We are still located 15 min away from the Airport Rosalía de Castro-Lavacolla (Santiago de Compostela – SCQ).