Abril 2015

More Last-Stage Activation
Abril 29, 2015

Manganese-Catalyzed Late-Stage Aliphatic C?H Azidation Another protocol to carry out a late-stage azidation using a Mn complex. Two months ago we…

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Monofluorination for You
Abril 15, 2015

Monofluorination of Organic Compounds: 10 Years of Innovation This is one review that you must read or you MUST read if…

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Chemistry is still cool
Abril 7, 2015

Looking for new customers in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, and other European countries, I realized that the number of pharmaceutical companies…

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Abril 1, 2015

Transition-Metal-Free Hydration of Nitriles Using Potassium tert-Butoxide under Anhydrous Conditions A simple, controlled hydrolisis of nitriles using potassium tert-butoxide. This is…

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