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Passion for chemistry to continually push the boundaries of organic synthesis

Discovery Chemistry

Design, evaluation, and development of new routes of synthesis. Expand your R&D department with GalChimia.

Our scientific team studies the specific needs of each project to offer the best solution for your company. They will:

  • Evaluate the state of the art
  • Design and try new routes of synthesis
  • Optimize already existing ones

Typically, the products requested have not been reported in the literature and require a high degree of innovation, which is reflected in the development of new synthetic approaches. We can synthesize small libraries of chemical entities through parallel, microwave, flow and photochemistry, among other techniques.

GalChimia Laboratory
esteve - clients

“GalChimia is an outstanding synthetic and medicinal chemistry CRO. They have a team of great scientists who like to work out challenging synthesis and to deliver novel compounds with high purity and high-quality analytical data. During our collaboration we have built up a strong relationship based on trust, commitment, easy communication and fruitful scientific discussions.”

Antoni Torrens – Esteve (Former)

GalChimia Laboratory

Process Chemistry

Take your results from the lab to the pilot plant. Optimize the performance of your chemical production with GalChimia.

We work side by side with our customers to develop new robust, reliable, and cost-effective chemical processes for different industries up to the pilot plant. Our service includes:

  • IP evaluation
  • Route design, selection and route scouting
  • Identification of critical and stress points
  • Individual step optimization through DoE
  • Process development
  • Analytical development
  • Impurities identification and synthesis
  • Seamless technology transfer to the client
vivacel - testimonials

“GalChimia team fully understood our needs since the beginning. Their outstanding professionalism, flexibility, and appropriate advice have been key factors in the optimization of the chemical synthesis of our compounds.”

María Luz Bellido Cabello de Alba – Vivacell

Analytical Chemistry

A wide range of analytical techniques are available

We provide full analytical support both internally and in response to external requests. Some of our standard services include:

  • Full characterization of chemical products, provided with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) duly reviewed and approved by our Quality Manager.
  • Screening, development, and validation of analytical methods
  • Chiral and achiral separations
  • Identification of impurities
  • Accelerated stability studies (ICH guidelines)
  • Quality testing for solvent and chemical products
GalChimia Laboratory
pangae - clients

“GalChimia has been very responsive to our needs, providing quick feedback when needed and always available for discussion and expert advice. They have delivered in a timely and professional manner, and showed a great deal of expertise.”

Andrea Sáez – Pangaea Biotech