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R&D Projects

GalChimia participates in several R&D projects, in which we collaborate with national and international institutions and companies to bring new technologies or products to the market.

R&D Project DroughtDrugs
DroughtDrugs: a Drug Discovery Approach to Improve Drought Resistance in Crop Plants
Modular factories for the production of 100 compounds from the SHIKIMATE pathway
R&D Project IO4COLON
Industrial research for the discovery of new immunotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of colon cancer

Technological Alliances

We are witness to the ever-growing complexity of chemical challenges. To offer efficient and comprehensive solutions, GalChimia has established a network of partners through different business models, from a joint venture to robust trust relationships.


GalChimiApplus is our joint venture with Applus+, a company that works with the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological industries offering integral industrialization. Together, we provide solutions focused on lowering times, costs, and risks in the manufacture of all types of chemical products. Our pilot plant operates under GMP and in compliance with ICH-Q7 standards.

Hypha Discovery

Hypha Discovery is a specialist CRO supporting pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies worldwide through the production of metabolites and late-stage derivatives of drugs and agrochemicals in discovery and development.

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Reach Separations

Reach Separations specializes in chromatography for the analysis and purification of small molecules. Their state-of-the-art HPLC and SFC technologies complement our Analytical Department to effectively support our clients across the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical sectors.


GalChimia is proud to support the innovation ecosystem through sponsorships of the Spanish Society of Medicinal Chemistry (SEQT) and European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC).