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R&D Portfolio

Organic chemistry has many applications and our participation in innovative R&D projects allows us to explore new chemistries and technologies. Through these collaborations, we have broadened our expertise in nanoparticle linkers, optical and electronic materials, biocatalysis, agrochemicals, food additives, porous frameworks, cosmetics, biosynthesis, and of course drug development.

NuCapCure: a EU funded R&D project by GalChimia

NUCAPCURE: New proton and neutron therapies with high cancer specificity by ‘hijacking’ haem biosynthesis

MAOPROST: Novel MAO-A Inhibitors for the Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

ECM-CART: LDL-like nanoparticles for CAR-T-based glioblastoma immunotherapy


BioTICfinder: Second-generation diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for SARS-CoV-2


SHIKIFACTORY100: Modular factories for the production of 100 compounds from the SHIKIMATE pathway

DROUGHTDRUGS: A Drug Discovery Approach to Improve Drought Resistance in Crop Plants

R&D Project IO4COLON

IO4COLON: Industrial research for the discovery of new immunotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of colon cancer

R&D Project INLUNG

INLUNG: New drug candidates for non-small cell lung cancer treatment


BIOGREEN: Innovative technological solutions for the development of a biorefinery model based on green biomass

NANOFACTURING: Medium- and large-scale manufacturing platforms for clinically compliant nanopharmaceuticals


NEOGALFARM: Development of therapies and combined treatments directed at different therapeutic targets

MYTITOX: Protocols for the detoxification of mussels and pectinids with microencapsulated agents