1    Profitability

Profitability is an essential condition to ensure the sustainability of the Organization, as well as being a reflection of adecuate management. Profitability is, beyond an end in itself, the reward for a job well done.

2    Innovationn & Continuous improvement

Innovation at GalChimia is not just a process, it is a culture. By improving our processes, products, and services, we offer differential value to the customer. The responsibility to innovate lies with the entire team, evolving towards a philosophy of continuous improvement.

3    Reinvestment

Our vocation is not only short-term profitability but a commitment with sustainability, hence a large part of the profits obtained from our activity are reinvested in the optimization of infrastructures, technologies and the incorporation of new talent.

4    Optimization of resources

At GalChimia, we strive to optimize our resources at all levels through periodic evaluations and diagnoses, which allow us to maintain our strict quality standards while avoiding waste from both financial and environmental points of view.

Personal Development

5    People development

We foster a motivating and participatory environment where the team can thrive by putting their skills into practice, and where their interests are aligned with the company’s goals.

6    Talent management

Our teams are highly qualified and motivated to face the challenges our customers present us with. Indeed, GalChimia has a long track record of talent attraction and management, supporting the development of our human resources, their motivation and their commitment.

7    Equal opportunities

We believe and offer real equality of opportunities regardless of race, beliefs, culture or gender. We value people for their skills, their performance and their individual or collective potential, and we communicate externally and internally our commitment to equality and non-discrimination.

8    Participation of employees

Communication, commitment and transparency are some of our values, hence we understand the participation of employees as a necessary element in our process of continuous improvement and growth at all individual, collective and business levels.


9    Customer satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by understanding their needs and expectations, as well as improving every process so that our products and services meet their requirements and reflect our good work.

10    Continuous improvement of management system

We guarantee the quality of the products and services we offer through a management system suited to the needs of the company, which allows us to anticipate problems and learn from mistakes by performing periodic evaluations and reviews.

11    Comunication

Beyond the preparation and implementation of policies aimed at the protection of our values, continuous improvement or respect for our legal and regulatory framework, we communicate said policies internally and externally to promote knowledge, respect and awareness on these matters.

12    Information Security & Personal Data Protection

We have implemented security and personal data protection measures following GDPR guidelines, as well as guaranteeing the protection of confidential information and trade secrets.

Occupational Safety & Health

13    Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment

We are committed to the protection of our employees, by which we promote awareness and a preventive culture at work among employees, contractors or other people related to our business activity.

14    Risk prevention and minimization

We work actively on the identification, evaluation and implementation of control measures against the risks inherent to our line of work, about which we inform and provide training so that every member of the team can adopt the corresponding preventive measures.

15    Health surveillance

Personal health constitutes a fundamental aim to promote both physical and mental wellness, which is why health surveillance is carried out adapted to specific protocols of Occupational Medicine, thus guaranteeing monitoring of the health of the whole team.


16    Minimization of environmental impacts

We promote recycling, the reuse of materials and the reduction of waste, ensuring that our work procedures are integrated to reconcile our activity with the conservation of the environment.

17    Environmental awareness of employees and other agents

We inform, train and raise awareness among our personnel to motivate their responsibility in the amelioration of the environment, encouraging their participation in our goals in this regard through the correct performance of their duties.

Social Responsibility

18    Contribution to economic and social development

With GalChimia’s activity, we seek to strengthen the socioeconomic fabric of the environment, contributing to the generation of employment and economic and social development through useful, necessary and sustainable services.

19    Corporate governance

We are at the service of our customers, committed to society, the environment and the health of our employees, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established in each case, complying with the provisions in these matters, and maintaining a dialoguing and collaborative relationship with the competent bodies.

20    Partnership development

We seek and develop alliances with customers/suppliers/collaborators/competitors to achieve common goals, supporting each other with our respective experience, resources and knowledge, in order to improve the services provided.

21    Compliance

We have implemented a Compliance program, which allows us to prevent and control the incidence of illicit acts within the organization.