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We strongly believe that continuous training and innovation is key to provide the best service to our customers. By investing in new technologies and keeping our teams updated on the state of the art, we are able to maintain a success rate of >95% on all our projects.

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White Papper Napropamide Inpurities and Metabilotes
Napropamide impurities and metabolites: a complementary approach using chemical synthesis and biosynthesis
Approaches to chiral products: Racemic resolution
Poster Design Synthesis
Design and Synthesis of Linkers for Glycan Coated Gold Nanoparticles Used in Drug Discovery


Here you will find our thoughts on diverse topics, from chemistry and general science to industry, business and more!

GalChimia Editorial - The worth of an organic chemist

The worth of an organic chemist

Chemistry Nobel Prize 2022

A Nobel Prize for Click Chemistry

GalChimia in 2021

2021 in Numbers


We review the literature and highlight the best articles to bring you the state of the art in organic synthesis.

A selective sulfamoylation agent

A selective sulfamoylation agent

Magic methyl nowadays

Magic methyl nowadays

Autocatalytic photoredox Chan–Lam

Autocatalytic photoredox Chan–Lam