With the objective to reinforce our regulatory compliance, we have implemented a Compliance program made up of various corporate policies and protocols applicable to the various organizational and business areas of GalChimia. Aligned with our commitment to continuous improvement, the implementation of Compliance will empower the ethical behavior of the organization, reinforcing the quality of the services provided.

In order to strengthen the reputation and prestige that GalChimia has been building since its constitution, this Compliance program is one more example of the good practices and commitment to excellence that is part of the GalChimia spirit. As part of the Compliance program, a Prevention and Control Model has been implemented representing a guarantee of compliance with the duties of supervision and control.

In addition, a Code of Ethics has been developed that brings together all the principles and values ​​that must be respected within the organization.

In application of GalChimia’s Compliance program, an ethics or complaints Channel is incorporated, whose objective and scope of application, as well as the requirements for communications, are included in the link you can find below:

Compliance Program