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We give our dedicated team of chemists a productive outlet for their passion for chemistry

Our history

Our story began in the year 2000, when two students – Carme Pampín and Jacobo Cruces – were about to obtain their doctorate in the Department of Organic Chemistry at the University of Santiago de Compostela. They were quite absorbed by their research, but two professors, Gabriel Tojo and Ramón Estévez, attracted their attention with a striking idea… With the help of Unirisco, a Galician venture capital association, they teamed up and created the project of GalChimia in 2001.

The identity of the company is rooted in our beginnings, being the result of the life experiences of founders Carme Pampín (CEO) and Jacobo Cruces (CSO).

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Carme Pampín

Carme Pampín

Co-founder and CEO

Our philosophy responds to the university environment where the idea of GalChimia was conceived. The scientific motivation of this endeavor was intertwined with the will to innovate and offer new approaches to fulfill the needs of clients. However, Innovation could not be our sole focus and, from the very beginning, we recognized the importance of establishing a relationship of trust with our clients. In this sense, we work continuously to integrate in our daily activities the other values that we consider essential: Communication, Transparency, Commitment and, of course, Customer Orientation.

Our culture

Icon Mission


Improving society through organic chemistry research.

Icon Vison


Becoming an international leader in organic chemistry.

Icon Transparency


Our culture is built on honesty and trust.

Icon Commitment


We work together to solve the toughest challenges.

Icon Customer Focus

Customer focus

We always strive to provide the best solution.

Icon Innovation


Providing a positive environment for the exchange of ideas.

Icon Communication


The cornerstone to fulfill all the other values.

Our people

A gender balanced company: We hire professionals for their skills

Continuous training in a variety of professional skills

A stable team: We offer our employees long-term stability

Talented people with passion for chemistry!


If you are thinking of joining or continuing your career in Industry and would like to demonstrate your passion for chemistry, do not hesitate to send us your CV and your motivation for working with us. We may not always have a vacancy for you, but we will consider you for all future opportunities matching your profile.

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Antía Blanco

Antía Blanco

Chief Human Resources Officer

Our team is made up of professionals who are passionate about chemistry, who share our values and identify with our business model, which is marked by the desire to learn, the ability to adapt, and the strive to continuously improvement. This is what we look for when recruiting talent.

research chemist
R&D Chemist

Program Discover

Internships at GalChimia Headquarters

We know how difficult it is to start a professional career. We offer internships to students and job opportunities to recent graduates providing them with the training they need to become part of our team.

  • Discover the experience of joining a synthesis laboratory in an industrial environment.
  • Discover what it means to work hand in hand with the biggest players in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Discover if your future lies as an R&D Chemist working on synthesis projects in a continuous learning environment.

Can’t find a job offer that fits your profile?
Don’t worry!

At GalChimia, we value your talent and want to get to know you better. Please take a moment to answer a few questions and leave us your profile. We’re excited to have you in our database and to be able to contact you in the future for opportunities that match your skills and experience!
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