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A cutting edge and dynamic organization to foster innovation in the chemical sciences


Our greatest asset is our people.

At GalChimia, you have access to a stable, experienced team comprising more than 50 professionals with diverse backgrounds from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, CMOs, and other service companies, as well as academia. Over 50% of our chemists have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and all our Project Managers have more than 10-year experience in this industry.

We know that happy employees translate into excellent results for our customers, that is why we work hard to create a good working environment. The result? Over 30% of our staff has been with us for more than 10 years.

After all, we share the same Passion for Chemistry!

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“GalChimia’s high expertise and capabilities in organic and medicinal chemistry provide a very strong leverage for any company who is looking to designing novel compounds. In HQL we found GalChimia’s team professionalism, responsiveness and straightforward honesty a powerful stronghold that enabled us to ride the rollercoaster of drug discovery with a real sense of partnership.”

Tal Parnes – HQL Pharmaceuticals


GalChimia is a center of excellence for chemical research. Our company follows the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines as the pillar of our Quality Management processes. Our Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that all finished products are synthesized and analyzed with utmost respect to the relevant procedures, requirements, and specifications.

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GalChimia Laboratory
GalChimia Laboratory


Analytical Laboratories

GalChimia Laboratory


GalChimia Laboratory
GalChimia Laboratory

NMR (up to 750 MHz), Karl-Fischer, TGA


Synthesis labs

GalChimia Laboratory

Parallel stations, Microwave, High pressure reactors, Continuous flow, Photochemistry

GalChimia Laboratory

Purification equipment

Automated flash chromatography (normal and reverse), prep HPLC

GalChimia Laboratory
GalChimia Laboratory


kilo labs



Pilot Plant

up to 500L scale

GalChimia Applus Laboratory


GalChimia participates in several R&D projects, in which we collaborate with national and international institutions and companies to bring new technologies or products to the market.

R&D Project DroughtDrugs
DroughtDrugs: a Drug Discovery Approach to Improve Drought Resistance in Crop Plants
Modular factories for the production of 100 compounds from the SHIKIMATE pathway
R&D Project IO4COLON
Industrial research for the discovery of new immunotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of colon cancer

Patents and Publications

Carme Pampín

Carme Pampín

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

After finishing her PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2001, Dr Pampín created GalChimia with three associates from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). She has since been the CEO of the company, transforming it into a European Leader in Organic Synthesis. Carme has further participated in the creation of the companies AMSLab, ChemoSapiens, and OrigoBiopharma, all of them enterprises within the chemical and biotechnology sectors. At the regional level, she is President of the Life Sciences Technological Business Cluster in Galicia (Bioga) and member of the Board of Directors of the Digital Innovation Hub DATALife.

Jacobo Cruces

Jacobo Cruces

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Jacobo is the co-founder of GalChimia, as well as Chief Scientific Officer since its inception in 2001. Throughout these years, he has managed more than 1700 synthesis projects, most of them related to drug development. His entrepreneurial career is completed with the creation of three other companies within the biotechnology sector:AMSLab, ChemoSapiens, and OrigoBiopharma. In addition, he participates in several innovation projects at national and European level. In particular, his interests lie in projects that address the synthesis and scale up of complex molecules for specific applications related to medicine and biotechnology through the development of new chemical methodologies.

María José Varela

María José Varela

Chief Financial Officer

María José is our Chief Financial Officer and oversees the Administration Department. She joined GalChimia just two years after its constitution and has accompanied us throughout the intense growth of the company. In addition to accounting, she manages purchases and leads all the negotiations with suppliers. Although not a chemist, her passion for GalChimia has definitely had a huge impact on the success of the company by taking good care of all the financial aspects with both our clients and suppliers.

Eva Codesido

Eva Codesido

Chief Quality Officer

Eva is our Chief Quality Officer. She joined the company in 2002 as an R&D Chemist, becoming shortly after a Project Manager. Her management skills and interest in health & safety steered her career toward quality management. She has been the CQO in GalChimia for over 12 years now, leading the implementation of an integrated management system in line with the highest standards (ISO 9001:2015). In addition, she is responsible for quality control, certifying the quality of all our products before they leave our facilities.

Ramon Rodríguez

Ramón Rodríguez

Laboratory Manager

Ramón joined GalChimia in 2006 as a Project Manager, becoming later on the Laboratory Manager at our Headquarters. His vast expertise in synthesis and previous experience in the pharmaceutical industry puts him in an advantaged place to understand the needs of our clients. Ramón currently coordinates 3 synthetic laboratories and the analytical department, serving as a mentor and reference to all our chemists.

Julie Masse

Julie Masse

Chief Growth Officer | Site Manager – Barcelona

Julie started as our International Business Developer in 2014, bringing to the company previous experience in biotech start-ups and CROs. She soon found herself at home in GalChimia, taking on the role of Chief Growth Officer and leading the company’s marketing and sales strategies. As CGO, she coordinates all aspects associated with digital and direct sales, interacting on a daily basis with many departments across the company: Administration and Finance, Laboratories, and Quality. In 2018, she led the establishment of GalChimia in the Parc Scientific of Barcelona, an innovation and technology hub for the pharma and biotech industries. As the Site Manager there, she represents the company and manages the relationship with the center.

Raúl Fernández

Raúl Fernández

Site Manager – Madrid

Raúl joined GalChimia in 2004 as an R&D Chemist, progressing quickly to Project Manager. In 2012, he moved to our newly created center in the Technological Park of Madrid located in Tres Cantos, where he became the Site Manager. In this role, he coordinates both laboratory and personnel aspects, as well as staying in close contact with the clients at Tres Cantos. He is very much responsible for the success of our team in Madrid, which we owe to his drive, commitment, and, of course, passion for chemistry!

Antía Blanco

Antía Blanco

Chief Human Resources Officer

The intense growth of the company in recent years highlighted the need for an HR Department as a pivotal role to communicate and foster the culture and values of the company across our three working sites. With this grand objective in mind, Antía joined the company in 2018. Her passion for people is perfectly aligned with GalChimia’s passion for chemistry, finding the best talent across the country for our centers. Antía also coordinates diverse programs for professional development, being it as management training or as ChemClasses for the lab personnel.