Following our long standing tradition, we present here our figures about projects and products of 2015. Compiling this info takes only a few minutes (advantages of having everything recorded) and allows us to offer our clients, collaborators and potential clients some numbers that reflect what we do.

Figures for 2015


Figures for started and completed projects are higher than the ones in 2014. This reflects that 2014 has been, indeed, one of the best years in the history of GalChimia. More work, more challenges, more chemistry. Our success rate (represents the projects where we did deliver products) is however lower than in 2014. Why is this? Are we becoming worse chemists, instead better? Are we becoming older and dumber? The explanation is much easier: Our clients are giving us more and more projects which are simply harder to complete. Things that apparently other companies will not touch, or that they feel we have more chances to succeed. As example, we received several requests involving macrocyclic lactones: expensive raw materials, difficult chemistry, most purifications requiring prep HPLC. So it was difficult, challenging… and really important. Well, in the end we developed the needed chemistry and shipped compounds. This is a typical example of the things we receive these days.

Once again, our longest linear route in 2015 was 15 steps. And once again, related with drug discovery. No questions, please.

This year we have shipped more than the previous year: 565 vs. 466, a 20% increase. This is reflected in most of the quantities ranges. Finally, 2015 has been the year where we signed our first contract research with a US based company, so we expect 2016 to be an international year.