The professional development of our employees is a fundamental subject for GalChimia. ChemClasses are a weekly training program presented in an agile and instructive format that focuses on the practical needs of our chemists.

Antía Blanco, our Chief HR Officer, tells us everything about ChemClasses.

What are ChemClasses?

This project that we have launched in 2019 is a training program consisting of weekly half-hour pills, typically on chemistry topics but also with sessions centered on other skills and competencies.

How did this initiative begin?

Historically, chemistry seminars were held in the company to reinforce some specific concepts but now, the ChemClasses program has been launched with the aim of ​​providing a structure and continuity to these trainings so as to favor the development of our chemists. We believe that this is the best way to create a learning environment on a weekly basis, provide a forum to discuss topics that come up in our daily work, and prepare for challenges yet to be faced.

Where do ChemClasses take place?

ChemClasses are imparted at our facilities in person and via videoconference to our sites in Madrid and Barcelona. The aim is to generalize this training and involve all the professionals working at GalChimia.

Do external speakers participate in this program?

Indeed, and so it is established in the training program. Although most of the teaching load is being taken by our Chief Scientific Officer Jacobo Cruces, other employees participate also by sharing their respective areas of expertise with their colleagues, as well as external speakers that enrich the training modules and allow us to better adapt to the demands of the market and of our customers.

How has the team received this program?

It’s been fantastic. In general, the chemists agree that it is essential for their job to update their training so as to be more prepared to face their current and future projects. We have worked with them to design a format of ChemClasses that facilitates the learning process and that remains focused on the real needs of the team.

What role does training play in the new HR management model at GalChimia?

Very much a central role. For the HR Department, our mission is to promote welfare and ensure the professional development of our employees. GalChimia is currently undergoing fast growth and it is thus essential that the Department works on our capacity to adapt, providing the team with the tools and knowledge required to face future changes and challenges. These ChemClasses are the answer to the question: “What can the company do to help the employees grow and develop further?”. The HR Department has just translated such a response into an agile, educational, and coherent training program.