Expand your research and development department with GalChimia. We develop, design, evaluate and test new routes for synthesis that allow you to reach the goals you have set. We synthesize the required scaffolds and building blocks as needed, making heavy use of parallel and microwave techniques.

The objective of the work was to find a suitable route for the synthesis of a peptidomimetic product, as well as the corresponding analytical methods.



· Scaling up the synthesis of a peptidomimetic for a Spanish biotech.

· Original linear route developed for solid phase: a move to a solution phase was required.



· The linear route was studied and several convergent routes proposed.

· The analytical development was reviewed and optimized.



· Synthesis of 1g using a convergent synthesis route in solution phase.

· Stability issues in solution detected and addressed.

· New HPLC methods developed and NMR signals reassigned.

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