Last week we had our annual reunion, a very special day where we gather the teams of our three delegations and celebrate our passion for chemistry.

In the morning, we performed a team-building dynamic in the shape of a live clue game. Five mafia families from 1920s in New York, a party at a nightclub, and a mysterious murder… Without a doubt, this activity helped us bond in a fun and different way!

After lunch, we had a very special contest. As you may already know, we are very excited about the construction of our new facilities in Touro. We all had the chance to propose ideas for the new building, from creative out-of-the-box designs to some more practical suggestions.

The day ended with a guided tour to our future facilities, where we could see the work in progress. The countdown to this new milestone in our history begins…

chemistry and emotions

The best way to sum up the 2019 GalChimia get-together is throughout the emotions generated in all of us:


GalChimia was created from the inspiration of four cofounders. Following their steps, the contest was full of very inspired ideas with great participation from the whole team.


We were filled with excitement during the visit to our new facilities: the new headquarters in Touro will represent 1000 square meters of good chemistry!


The feeling that never fades, that pushes us every day to be better at what we do. It represents each and every one of us: our passion for chemistry.

In summary, GalChimia’s Annual Get-Together was a day full of good chemistry and emotions: the inspiration to work together, the enthusiasm for the new facilities, and our constant passion for chemistry.

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