Julie Masse – CGO, GalChimia

Julie Masse has an M.Eng in Biochemistry (double degree FR and UK), completed with a Master in Sales and Marketing Management. She is an experienced business developer; she joined GalChimia in March 2014, where she is currently the Chief Growth Officer. She will act as moderator of the conference, introducing the different speakers and managing the debate.

Through her career, Julie has seen the different steps involved in early drug discovery projects. From target identification and Hit selection to regulatory preclinical activity, through the development of primary and secondary assays, proof-of-concept in animal models, in-vitro and in-vivo ADMEt, chemical synthesis and process chemistry. She uses her experience through scientific conferences, meetings with customers, and competitor’s evaluation to draw a clear picture of the pharmaceutical market and drug development tendencies.

She started as a Project Manager at Brainco Biopharma, a biotech focused on the development of new drugs targeting the central nervous system. Then, she moved to business development in the same company, collaborating closely with the CSO to out-license their drug discovery projects. When she left Brainco, she started working for Harlan (now Envigo), a CRO specialised in pre-clinical services, where she was in charge of developing the French and Belgium market. She learnt about ADMEt by collaborating with experienced people among sellers and scientists. She also participated actively in the development of the “Profiling and modelling program for early drug discovery” and trained at Pierre et Marie Curie University on the transfer of research results to industry. Finally, Julie found the perfect match in GalChimia, where she joined an excellent team of scientists, who make her selling activity very easy. She is also working very closely with the CSO on the strategic development of the company.

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