Considered nowadays as the best tax incentive system for research in Europe, the CIR is a tax tool, that works as a real growth lever for any company choosing to invest in basic research, applied research and experimental development. These provisions encourage private investment in R&D, stimulate the creation of R&D companies and attract foreign company research centers.

The conditions are that 30% of the R&D expenses, related to human and material resources spent internally but also the expenses sub-contracted to academic centers or specific companies accredited by the French government can be financed with the CIR up to a limit defined by the internal capabilities of the companies or a maximum of €100 Millions.

After presenting a complete dossier about GalChimia internal R&D lines, the French government decided to provide the company with a 3 years accreditation. Although, most of GalChimia’s work is R&D for third parties, covering the whole range of chemical development needed in the development of new drugs, the company has invested in new technologies and developing new synthetic methodologies, looking always to offer the best service to its customers.