Multijet Oscillating Disc Millireactor: A Novel Approach for Continuous Flow Organic Synthesis

A new concept for flow chemistry reactors.

Flow chemistry is a growing topic among the chemists who spend most of their time scaling up molecules for preclinical stages. In this paper by Bjørsvik et al. (Fluens Synthesis and University of Bergen, Norway), they describe a new type of flow reactor which compares favourably with the current technologies. The name of the beast is really strange: Multijet Oscillating Disc Millireactor or MJOD to abbreviate. My unrequested advice, find another name for it. What I find more interesting about the beast is its enhanced capability to handle slurries, something that most common lab flow systems simply can’t do. Let’s see how this technology evolves.

Org. Process Res. Dev., 2011, 15 (5), pp 997–1009. See: 10.1021/op2000699