GalChimia is pleased to inform you that we have in stock several Bicalutamide Standards at competitive prices.

Bicalutamide Impurity A (EP); Desfluoro bicatulamide

Bicalutamide Impurity C (EP); Deshydroxy Bicalutamide



Bicalutamide RC A (USP); Bicalutamide Impurity E (EP); Bicalutamide Sulfoxide

Bicalutamide Impurity B (EP), 2-Fluoro-4-desfluoro Bicalutamide


4f1a2799-dfb4-4a77-88cb-2934c4789360Here you can find our list of bicalutamide productswe are pleased to offer you Good Chemistry.

Bicalutamide products