After almost two years of emails, phone calls, Teams/Zoom/Google meetings, and networking platforms, we finally got the chance to meet in person in late 2021.

We attended the 22nd Drug Discovery Summit in October together with almost 300 other experts in drug discovery, traditionally celebrated in Berlin although this year we met in London. The event was a perfect mix between Biology, Chemistry and we would add this year, Digital Science, since Artificial Intelligence is taking a bigger and bigger place in drug development. The conference tackled the future of drug discovery, giving an insight into drug discovery strategies, next generation therapeutics, empowering drug discovery with chemical biology, target validation, drug profiling and protein degradation technologies.

  • We met several companies focused on finding and validating new targets using innovative biological tools.
  • We met specialists of Artificial Intelligence that applied their science to target finding and compound design but also  retrosynthesis, which is closer to what we do.
  • We discussed about critical steps of development in Pharmaceutical but also Agrochemical projects.


In summary, we were glad to interact and chat about what is happening in our market. An uplifting end to this year, looking forward to more exciting events in 2022!

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