The flagship event of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC) is taking place in Nice (France) on September 4-8, 2022.

With an expected attendance of over 1000 participants, the International Symposium in Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC-ISMC) attracts a highly targeted audience composed of experts in drug discovery and development, in particular medicinal and synthetic chemists, together with scientists active in the fields of computer assisted drug design, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, early toxicology, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical development.

The EFMC-ISMC 2022 program is arranged in parallel sessions around three different themes: Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery Projects and Technologies. In addition, it offers three open sessions: First Time Disclosures (I & II) and Recent Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry, which will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

The symposium will cover advances in drug discovery in major therapeutic areas, including bacterial and viral infections, but also neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, rare diseases and cancer. It will also feature the most recent advances in new technologies such as artificial intelligence in drug discovery, natural product-based drug discovery, or the development of covalent drugs and PROTACs.

GalChimia will be one more year participating as an exhibitor in this exciting event of the EFMC. If you wish to arrange a meeting, please contact our CSO Jacobo Cruces (, or visit us directly in Booth 44.

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