According to the ASEBIO 2019 report, Spain remains a powerful region in terms of biotechnology and Research & Development efforts. The country counts with nearly 3000 companies working on biotechnological activities. More than 47% are dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, followed by 38% related to the food sector. In addition, Spain keeps fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, and last year a great impulse was appreciated:

  • 95% of the companies are very small or small, with less than 50 employees.
  • 2019 has witnessed an increase in R&D investment, reaching over 100 Million Euro.
  • The publication and patent filling numbers have also increased over the last years.

In addition, Spain counts with several competence centers spread all over the territory, which together with the entrepreneurial tendency leaves the country in a great position in terms of competitiveness.

asebio 2019

Distribution of competence centers across Spain according to the Asebio report 2019.

If we have a look at Galicia, the region has gained two positions in the biotech Spanish ranking, becoming the sixth region in terms of biotechnology activity. In this context, GalChimia was awarded last year the ARDÁN indicator of Global Company, as well as classifying in the top ten of Intelligent Companies. This ranking value the growth of a company in balance with other indicators such as innovation, internationalization, sustainability, and gender equality. The Global Company indicator recognizes our efforts toward international geographic diversification through a long-term, dynamic and evolutionary strategy.

GalChimia has established long-term relationships with customers in France, Portugal, and Germany, as well as providing services to other companies in more than 20 countries. It also shows that we have been able to develop a high-value business model based on our core competencies, which will definitely help us face future challenges and maintain our competitive position in the market.


Accreditation from Ardan