GalChimia participated in Heterocycles in Bio-organic Chemistry Conference in Metz on June 8-10 and in 51st International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry in Avignon on July 1-3.

The first conference was a continuation of the series started by Professor Henk van der Plas in 1980. The sessions were mainly focused on organic chemistry but in some of them we could clearly identify the biology behind, almost all of them were illustrated with a case study. I also liked to see at this meeting Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Industries. Both sectors were represented and we could assist to a talk from Syngenta exposing the importance of Heterocycles in Agrochemistry. Pharma and Agro are too often separated but if we compare discovery and development, regulatory policies and environmental and human impacts, both industries follow the same line.

The second one included over 25 plenary lectures by internationally well-known scientists, focused on “Drug Discovery and Selection – Understanding Targets and Mechanisms”. Clearly the objective of this conference was to discuss chemical issues based on the mechanism of action of different type of drugs, the talks went through Cardiac diseases, Central Nervous System, Infectious, Viral, Inflammatory and Rare diseases but also Diabetes and Oncology. Paul Ehrlich award was given to Dr Sylviane MULLER for her work on the Synthetic Peptide P140 and its function as a manipulator of the immune system.

Both conferences allow us to meet with top-level scientists from Industry but also Academia and enjoy the splendid setting of Avignon and Metz.

For any additional information, please contact Ms. Julie Masse