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GalChimia Technical Note racemic resolution
Technical Note – Approaches to chiral products: Racemic resolution
Xullo 28, 2021

Our latest Technical Note covers one of the most common approaches toward chiral products. Click to read this case study on racemic resolution.

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GalChimia ha recibido el Premio Provincial a la Mejor Iniciativa Empresarial Consolidada otorgado por la Diputación de A Coruña.
GalChimia recibiu o Premio PEL na categoría Empresa Consolidada
Xullo 13, 2021

Comprácenos anunciar que GalChimia recibiu o Premio Provincial á Mellor Iniciativa Empresarial Consolidada concedido pola Deputación da Coruña no marco do…

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New headquarters of GalChimia in Galicia
Introducing our new Headquarters
Xuño 28, 2021

We have moved! The long wait for our new Headquarters has come to an end. Following the expansion of our labs…

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PYME Innovadora
GalChimia, reconocida con el Sello PYME INNOVADORA
Maio 21, 2021

El Sello PYME Innovadora reconoce nuestro compromiso con la innovación y el esfuerzo por desarrollar proyectos de I+D.

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premios seqt química
GalChimia, patrocinador de los XX Premios SEQT
Maio 13, 2021

En GalChimia celebramos nuestra relación con la SEQT, premiando la Pasión por la Química de investigadores noveles en el campo de la química médica.

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Resultados del proyecto IO4COLON
Abril 14, 2021

Presentamos los resultados del proyecto IO4COLON, nuestra plataforma colaborativa con AMSlab y Oncostellae para el desarrollo de nuevos fármacos inmunoterapéuticos para el tratamiento de cáncer de colon.

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GalChimia in CSBJ: Novel thermophilic esterase with unique catalytic activity
Marzo 4, 2021

A few years back, we participated in the research project HOTDROPS, whose goal was to search for new biocatalysts through the development of an ultrahigh-throughput platform. The project thus combined three sciences: enzymology, microfluid technology, and organic chemistry.

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2020 in Numbers
Febreiro 17, 2021

One more year of great productivity for GalChimia! Click here to see the achievements of our teams of chemists.

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Two-Stage Synthesis of Pyrazoles from Acetophenones by Flow Chemistry
Synthesis of Pyrazoles from Acetophenones in Flow
Febreiro 2, 2021

Check out our latest Technical Note where we describe a continuous process developed in house for the efficient synthesis of substituted pyrazoles.

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GalChimia in J. Med. Chem. – A New Clinical Candidate for Pain Management
Decembro 1, 2020

Our latest article with Esteve Pharmaceuticals is now available in J. Med. Chem., with participation as well of researchers from UPF and UGR. Click here to read it!

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