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Carme Pampin
Nuestra CEO Carme Pampín, un ejemplo de mujer universitaria, científica y emprendedora
Marzo 10, 2020

Con motivo del 8 de marzo, Día Internacional de la Mujer, la sección Sociedad Civil del Ateneo de Santiago organizó este pasado lunes una mesa redonda titulada “Universitarias, científicas y emprendedoras”, que además de reivindicar la igualdad ha tratado de hacer balance sobre la situación de las mujeres en la sociedad.

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organic synthesis
GalChimia Emotions: Enthusiasm
Febreiro 27, 2020

In GalChimia, we are chemistry enthusiasts. Our fascination with organic synthesis has led us to expand our activities and areas of expertise over the years. Want to know more? Keep reading!

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Resultados BIOGREEN
Resultados del proyecto BIOGREEN
Febreiro 4, 2020

GalChimia agradece a todos los integrantes y colaboradores del Proyecto BIOGREEN su implicación y trabajo, que han sido claves para la obtención de los resultados.

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2019 in Numbers
Xaneiro 28, 2020

One more year of great productivity for GalChimia! Click here to see the achievements of our teams of chemists.

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GalChimia Emotions: Inspiration
Decembro 12, 2019

GalChimia became a reality thanks to the inspiration of our four co-founders. Keep reading and discover all the emotions that define us!

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chemistry and emotions
GalChimia’s Annual Get-Together, a day full of chemistry and emotions
Outubro 16, 2019

The best way to sum up the 2019 GalChimia get-together is throughout the emotions generated in all of us.

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GalChimia Day
GalChimia doubles the capacity of its R&D&I center at the Barcelona Science Park
Xuño 19, 2019

Coinciding with the inauguration of its new laboratories, the company celebrated the first “GalChimia Day”.

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Carme Pampin GalChimia
GalChimia’s CEO will close the first edition of the GalChimia Day
Xuño 17, 2019

Carme Pampín will be giving some closing remarks on this first edition of the GalChimia Day.

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Jose Maria Palacios Fronterra
“Pharmaceutical R&D now, from the lab to the market” by Jose Maria Palacios
Xuño 14, 2019

Jose María Palacios will present the evolution of the current pharmaceutical market, the challenges for technological transfer, and the relationship between big pharma, emerging companies and academia.

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Richard Roberts Kaertor
”A pioneer research incubator for early drug discovery” by Richard Roberts
Xuño 12, 2019

Richard Roberts will present the business model of the Kærtor Foundation, an answer to the existing gap in R&D funding in Spain.

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