Welcome to our newsletter, Doing Chemistry. Since this is the first issue, we believe necessary to establish the “broad and scope” of this newsletter, clarifying who is it aimed at and answering the unavoidable question: ‘Why another newsletter?’

Our company was founded at the end of 2001 with the clear aim of providing chemistry services to pharmaceutical and chemical companies requiring custom synthesis and research. When our clients or future clients ask us ‘What do you do?’, we usually give the same answer: ‘We do synthetic organic chemistry’. Most of our work is contracted by pharmaceutical or biotech companies working in the field of Medicinal Chemistry, where pharmacology and chemistry are needed in order to obtain active compounds. Many people working in this field are professionally biased toward chemistry, pharmacology or biology (the author of this introduction is himself biased toward organic chemistry by formation). And even when this is not the case, there is a common problem when you work as a medicinal chemist.

That is, the incredible, always growing, amount of information published almost weekly. There is so much information available that, for a good medicinal chemist working on a project, it is difficult to follow the upcoming papers on organic chemistry, papers that can contain useful tools to make new molecules or facilitate the preparation of old ones. So, following the values of our company, it is the aim of this newsletter to provide medicinal chemists with a little help, hopefully informing them about full papers, communications or reviews potentially interesting to professionals who wish to work at the edge of modern synthetic chemistry.

We will try to provide a bi-monthly selection of papers that have attracted the attention of our team and that we believe can be interesting for other chemists: new synthetic methods, new reagents, new catalysts, new scaffolds… We will publish also examples of our own research that may be useful to other researchers in industry and academia.

So enjoy!