Our business lines are directly and necessarily linked to innovation, since our activity is based on offering research services to industries that are constantly evolving, as are the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. Our differentiating element has always been to offer services that match (if not exceed) the expectations and needs of our customers.

Innovation, in addition to being a value, has become a key part of our culture in GalChimia, thus having a profound impact on the organization by generating a favorable environment for debate and the development of new ideas. The field of organic chemistry is constantly evolving, and so are we. Thus, we recognize the importance of knowing the state of the art, exploring new reactivities, developing new methods of synthesis and analysis, testing new technologies, training our researchers, pushing to reach unexplored chemical space, participating in the scientific community, and establishing collaborations with reference centers and/or industry leaders. Innovation does not refer to isolated events, it is the result of a continuous revision process, it is the desire to improve for us and hence for the benefit of our clients.

Our drive to innovate reflects our commitment to science and the chemical industry. In addition, innovation is necessarily complemented by other corporate values, leading to innovative proposals that improve our customer service. From GalChimia, we work to transmit our positive disposition toward changes, by always maintaining the technological vigilance in our field of work.