We are excited to present the work carried out in collaboration with Hypha Discovery for the preparation of a wide range of napropamide derivatives with great interest to the agrochemical industry.

Napropamide is a herbicide approved in Europe for pre-emergence control of a range of grasses and weeds. As all agrochemicals regulated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), it needs to undergo the registration process every ten years, which involves the characterization of both its impurity and metabolite profiles. The expertise of contract research organizations gains relevance when a wide range of compounds is required in a short period of time.

This white paper describes the collaborative effort of GalChimia and Hypha Discovery to provide a comprehensive family of compounds relevant for the risk assessment of napropamide. The extensive experience of GalChimia in organic synthesis is nicely complemented by that of Hypha Discovery in microbial biotransformations, enabling the preparation of a wide range of impurities and metabolites in the most efficient manner.

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