During the project, the synthesis of a COF (Covalent Organic Framework), capable of being used to capture toxins in the marine environment to predict toxic episodes, has been scaled.

The synthesis of the COF has been achieved in a reproducible and robust way on a gram scale to provide the project partners with sufficient quantities of COF for field trials. In cooperation with the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), capture and analysis protocols for marine toxins have been developed that could be useful in other fields (capturing environmental pollutants such as medical waste, pesticides, etc.).

MYTITOX is a collaboration between Galician industrial partners from the seafood industry and a research centre in northern Portugal. Companies working in nanotechnology, chemistry and food processing are working together to create prevention tools that can reduce the loss of seafood due to contamination by toxins produced by dinoflagellates (red tide). The project addresses a recurring problem faced by the food processing industry which has become increasingly important due to climate change.  GalChimia is synthesizing new materials of the Covalent Organic Framework (COF) type designed to capture these toxins as a way to analyse and predict red tide episodes.

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