GalChimia attended the 50th anniversary of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT).

The theme of the meeting was “interfacing chemical biology and drug discovery”. The organization honored the participants with the presence of key opinion leaders and conferences provided by talented speakers. Scientists coming from the academia and industry shared with the audience their experiences on the use of cutting edge technologies, but also on strategies employed to synthesize successfully new active chemical entities targeting new mechanisms of action, or answering to specific problematic about how to use chemistry to unravel specific biological processes.

In addition, the meeting took place in the very nice city of Rouen which offered a great experience, we could see for real the famous cathedral painted by Monet and appreciated a « sound and light » show that was projected onto the cathedral consisting in two original works, one on Impressionism and the second revisiting the myth of Joan of Arc. Rouen was an excellent choice for holding this international meeting.

To conclude, many pharmaceutical and biotech companies, big, medium and small, potential customers for GalChimia, participated to this conference. GalChimia introduced itself to more than 20 companies worldwide and was able to share information on its capabilities with very interesting interlocutors. The meeting has been successful and was at the roots of the signature of 2 CDAs and the evaluation of two promising projects. The quality of the talks and of the posters was very high and we really appreciated the stay. We will surely come back next year in Avignon.

For any additional information, please contact Ms. Julie Masse