At GalChimia we have something to celebrate. This year is our 15th birthday and we want to celebrate it in style. To do so, as part of the celebrations we invited 50 children from 3rd and 4th year at Touro Primary School to visit our facilities and spend a morning having fun and learning about chemistry.

Upon their arrival we greeted them and gave them the welcome they deserved. After the reception, the pupils participated in 3 special activities that we had prepared for them:

First they participated and paid full attention to an interesting talk, which was organised in our meeting room, entitled “Chemistry in our lives, and in our future”.

Another activity was the visit to the company’s laboratories where they could see GalChimia’s work first hand, and the experiments that are being carried out…

They then attended a practical demonstration of some of our most spectacular and impressive experiments. The interest shown in what they were seeing and experiencing was very gratifying for us!

Un día compartiendo nuestra pasión por la química con los alumnos de 3º y 4º de primaria del colegio de Touro


Our passion is Chemistry and we want to share it with the students!