Since 2003, the Spanish Bioindustry Association publishes the Asebio report. This document includes the most relevant data on the evolution of the Spanish biotech sector, as compiled by the Spanish Statistical Office and further analyzed by Asebio. The report also collects information on the production (pipelines) and technology transfer achievements of the Spanish biotechnology companies (including pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, and chemical industries).

The good news is that the sector experienced a great push in 2018. The Asebio Index considers a series of positive and hindering factors, such as the workers’ level of training, public/private cooperation, access to private funding, or internationalization. As you can see below, this index has never been higher, reflecting the good health of the Spanish biotech sector.

The historical evolution of the Asebio Index
Spanish biotech sector

Source: 2018 Asebio report

Want to know more about successful stories in 2018?

  • Abac Therapeutics, Laboratorios Sanifit, and Minoryx secured investments of over €15M.
  • The Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) approved funding for 57 R&D projects (vs. 42 in 2017).
  • 299 patents were granted, over half of which by international patent offices.
  • Spain is in the TOP 10 of countries by number of scientific publications, just after France and before Canada.
  • 8 companies increased their capacity, among them GalChimia.
  • 9 collaboration agreements were established between national companies and 6 between Spanish and international partners.
  • 16 new products reached the market, including pharmaceuticals, R&D equipment, and food testing products.

Catalonia, Madrid, and Basque region remain the communities with the highest number of companies working on the biotech sector. Nevertheless, Galicia is not that far, coming in 8th position. Since the beginning, our CEO Carme Pampín, also co-founder of BIOGA (the Galician cluster of biotech companies), and CSO Jacobo Cruces, a corporate member of the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry, have believed in the great potential of this region. Thus, at GalChimia, we will continue to work to bring Galicia to the forefront of the Spanish biotech sector.

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