Customer Orientation, in GalChimia, is much more than covering the needs of a customer, it involves providing the best solution to a problem. This is doing so by being aware of the circumstances around it, which is in turn achieved by applying our basic values: transparency, full commitment, and clear communication.

To achieve such client focus, we always think of solutions, not problems, and maximize returns with the greatest understanding of the context (scientific, temporal, economic, and organizational). Maximizing customer satisfaction to build customer loyalty is the cornerstone of our work, as we are aware that we live in a highly competitive environment and our reputation is shaped by the opinions of our collaborators and customers. Active listening, trust, pro-activity, proximity, and context awareness are the pillars that enable us to work with full orientation toward our clients.

In the same way, Customer Orientation also has an internal customer component, which is achieved through close collaboration and the understanding that we are allies with a common objective, whereby sharing and cooperating enrich the result of our work.