December 1, 2011

Ligand-Promoted C3-Selective Arylation of Pyridines with Pd Catalysts: Gram-Scale Synthesis of (±)-Preclamol Coupling of aryl halides with pyridines through a C3…

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Mild and Easy
November 1, 2011

A Mild Negishi Cross-Coupling of 2-Heterocyclic Organozinc Reagents and Aryl Chlorides Improved procedure for the Negishi coupling. We have mentioned in…

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Total Synthesis
October 1, 2011

Total Synthesis of (±)-Streptonigrin: De Novo Construction of a Pentasubstituted Pyridine using Ring-Closing Metathesis A total synthesis of Streptonigrin using a…

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January 1, 2011

A Practical, One-Pot Synthesis of Sulfonylated Pyridines Sulfonylation of pyridine rings. Some time ago I had a very interesting talk with…

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Back in the Chain Gang
April 1, 2010

Direct Synthesis of Cbz-protected (2-Amino)-6-(2-aminoethyl)pyridines Construction of ethylamino chains over functionalized pyridines and other azoles. The importance of the 2-amino-6-(2-aminoethyl)pyridine skeleton…

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Skeleton crew
July 1, 2008

A Simple, Modular Synthesis of Substituted Pyridines You have not lived until you have synthesized a highly functionalized pyridine. When the…

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