GalChimia’s philosophy is defined by five values: Communication, Commitment, Innovation Transparency, and Customer Orientation. We are proud of the solid identity built by the founders of the company, which is also reflected in each and every member of this team.

Our values have their origin in the beginnings of the company, being the result of an act of reflection and the life experiences of founders Carme Pampín (CEO) and Jacobo Cruces (CSO). Some of them responded to the university environment they were coming from, which, together with the scientific motivation of the project, transformed the will to innovate into new approaches to satisfy the needs of clients. However, Innovation could not be our sole focus and, from the very beginning, we recognized the importance of establishing a relationship of trust with our clients, which led us to commit to relationship marketing. In this context, we further strive to integrate into our daily activities other values that we consider essential, such as are Communication, Transparency, Commitment and, of course, Customer Orientation.

At the same time that GalChimia was gaining experience and recognition, our staff was diversifying. Being aware that our success is due to the excellent work of our team, a revision of our values was proposed a few years ago, with the participation of all the company staff. We could not hide our satisfaction when we realized that the pillars of the company had not only remained the same, but were very recognizable and shared by all its members.

Putting our culture into words has become an essential element when welcoming new members to the company. After the significant growth of the team in the last two years, we recently decided to work once again all together on our values through a series of specific trainings in our three centers (O Pino, Madrid, and Barcelona). With this aim, Julie Masse (CGO), Jacobo Cruces (CSO) and Antía Blanco (CHRO) shared with the whole team their vision of the five values and how they are reflected in their daily activity, both internally and externally. Among other things, they provided us with the necessary tools to understand the culture that defines us and how to apply it in our daily work.

“It is not possible to understand GalChimia’s values individually: each value has a defined purpose, which complements that of the others.”
Jacobo Cruces, Chief Scientific Officer