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Carme Pampin

Nuestra CEO Carme Pampín, un ejemplo de mujer universitaria, científica y emprendedora

organic synthesis

GalChimia Emotions: Enthusiasm

BIOGREEN results

Results of the BIOGREEN project

2019 in Numbers

2019 in Numbers


GalChimia Emotions: Inspiration

chemistry and emotions

GalChimia’s Annual Get-Together, a day full of chemistry and emotions


Avances del proyecto IO4COLON

GalChimia Day

GalChimia doubles the capacity of its R&D&I center at the Barcelona Science Park

Carme Pampin GalChimia

GalChimia’s CEO will close the first edition of the GalChimia Day

Jose Maria Palacios Fronterra

“Pharmaceutical R&D now, from the lab to the market” by Jose Maria Palacios

Richard Roberts Kaertor

”A pioneer research incubator for early drug discovery” by Richard Roberts

Guido Kurz Oncostellae

Guido Kurz of Oncostellae will assist to GalChimia Training Day